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How We Got Started:

In 2004, we began buying houses and apartment buildings with the goal of real estate syndication in mind. We were increasingly displeased with the way other property management companies we had hired were mismanaging our investments. In a classic mantra of “WE CAN DO BETTER!” we added property management to our operations. Years later, we are still proving ourselves right every day with every property we manage for our clients.

The goal at K.I.G. CAPITAL REAL ESTATE is for every property to perform at its “highest and best use”, and we work closely with owners to identify what this means for each property. In following with this philosophy, we are able to provide quality living conditions for our tenants, while building cash flow and wealth for our owners.

K.I.G. CAPITAL REAL ESTATE will continue to acquire and develop quality properties based on realistic values for its own investment, as well as its joint venture partners. These real estate acquisitions take place in selected targeted submarkets generally throughout Southern California.