Frequently asked property management questions


How Can I Contact KIG Capital Real Estate?

Phone: 888-270-4452

After renting from K.I.G. Capital, I am ready to buy a house! Can you help?

Yes! K.I.G. Residential Group is happy to assist tenants move to the next phase of their lives, in helping them to find and fund their next home purchase.

Contact K.I.G. Residential Group for more information: 888-270-4452

What are Your Leasing Qualifications?

Our tenant screening process is stringent in order to ensure the best possible outcome for tenants and the property owners we represent. While exceptions may be possible, we seek the following from our tenants:
• Tenants’ income must be at least 3x their gross monthly income
• Clean record – no prior evictions or bankruptcies
• Credit score above 650
• Good rental history and confirmed employment status

How Much is Your Leasing Application Fee?

Our application fee is $45 per applicant over 18 years of age.

How Can I Pay My Rent?

Speak with your current leasing agent about accepted methods of payment. In every instance however, we have an online tenant portal that can accept ACH (and credit card) rent payments.

What is Your Security Deposit Policy?

Security deposits will vary by property and owner. However, by California law, security deposits can be 2x monthly rental rate for an unfurnished unit, and 3x monthly rental rate for a furnished property.

What Happens If My Unit Requires Repairs or Maintenance?

If the repair is not considered an emergency (the risk of water or fire damage, for example), each tenant is given access to our online tenant portal where they can submit and process a work order. In case of emergency, contact 888-270-4452.

I’m Ready to Move Out. How Do I Provide 30 Days' Notice?

Thank you for being our tenant. Send a written 30-Day Notice to either or mail it to our offices at 12400 Ventura Blvd Suite 792 Studio City, CA 91604. Your notice must be in writing to be honored. Verbal notice is not accepted.