Having a Strong Relationship with Your Resident Managers Brings Positive Results to your Rentals

One of the most important relationships we could have is the one with our onsite resident managers. When we have a great relationship with our onsite managers it makes it easier for us to know that your buildings are in great hands.  They are the eyes and ears of what is happening on the ground in your buildings.  When we listen to their concerns and suggestions they have to improve the building and then we make those things better it makes a difference. The onsite manager starts to take care of the building a little bit more and it gives us an ease of mind knowing that they will do a great job and treat the building as if it were their own. We get to know more about our tenants through our onsite managers, because the tenants tend to trust the onsite manager more.  They also help with keeping the cost of repairs down, without affecting quality. So by maintaining a good relationship with our staff, helps the growth and improvement of our buildings,