KIG Capital Management

Property Management Services

K.I.G. Capital Real Estate is a full-service property management firm servicing Southern California owners and tenants. While we manage various different types of asset classes, we specialize in residential properties.

We take a tailored approach to every property we manage.

As owners know, each class of property has individual needs and management challenges. For example:

Luxury Estates often require well-trained grounds maintenance to maintain landscaping and other outdoor amenities. At K.I.G. Capital, we work with quality luxury vendors and our owners to maintain the highest level of aesthetic appeal.

Single-Family Homes can undergo a lot of wear and tear during a rental period. K.I.G. Capital can manage the exterior landscape and envelope of the property as well as interior maintenance to perform necessary repairs before they develop into expensive emergencies.

Condominium H.O.A. Management requires liaising with the residential board in order to come to financial and community agreements on repairs, building upgrades and clarifying owner concerns about management and upkeep of the property. It is our role to advise and support the short and long term goals of the H.O.A.s in effort to control costs, without compromising quality of approved H.O.A. projects.

Multi-Family Apartment Building Management involves tenant selection and monitoring, alongside building upkeep. We qualify tenants for buildings based on our strict leasing qualification criteria, ensuring that we have respectful, capable people living in well-maintained buildings in order to maximize revenue and provide quality of life to the building residents.

Commercial property management today is vastly different than years prior, when simple building maintenance was the standard. Today, commercial properties not only need to be maintained, but also be able to generate business.  Owners must offer the growing sophisticated tenants with intelligent design work space as well as “green” attributes which compliment tenants’ businesses.

K.I.G. Capital’s 5 Aspects of Property Management:

  1. Aggressive marketing of vacant units for qualified and quality tenants
  2. Tenant retention
  3. Control costs for owners
  4. Maintain complete and accurate books & records
  5. Communication: direct communication with owners, vendors and tenants

We offer a full suite of services to our owner clients:

  • Established luxury estate concierge management services
  • Comprehensive HOA management services
  • Aggressive marketing of vacant units
  • Leasing: tenant screening and placement
  • Maintenance: full maintenance crew to address property concerns
  • Competitive market analysis
  • Aggressive rent collection
  • Tenant retention
  • Detailed monthly financial reports
  • Prompt payment of vendor invoices
  • Coordination and compliance with code enforcement
  • Manage and respond to inspections
  • Periodic inspections and preventive maintenance
  • Supervision of vacancy remodeling and basic repairs
  • Tenant Letters, Three Day Notices and Notices of Entry
  • Budget planning
  • Evictions and collections
  • Conduct bi-annual interior inspections


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3 Basic Rules for our Tenants:

  1. Tenants must pay rent in full and on time;
  2. Tenants must respect the property – no trash, cigarette butts, etc.; and
  3. Tenants must respect the quiet enjoyment of their neighbors.