Tenants Representation & Services

Tenant Representation & Services

Our role at K.I.G. Capital Real Estate is to represent our tenants’ interests to the fullest possible extent. We are here to make your rental and living experience in a K.I.G. Capital managed property as comfortable as possible. We assist tenants with selecting a proper location, building and unit to rent. We walk our tenants through the entire application process to ensure their needs are being met.

We qualify all tenants with our lease qualification service, so that tenants and owners are getting the most benefit from every property and unit.

Once approved, we help facilitate the move-in process for tenants and building owners, including signing the lease, initial walk through inspection, collection of security deposit and providing keys and all other necessary access to amenities.

After moving in, our responsibility to the tenant continues. We provide well-kept grounds and expertly managed properties, minimizing the impact and likelihood of disruptive neighbors. At an event where something goes wrong with a building or unit, we respond to maintenance requests promptly and ensure that all issues are resolved satisfactorily.

K.I.G. Capital Real Estate is a full brokerage and we are happy to assist your tenants in finding a home, condo or apartment to purchase when they decide to invest in their own property.

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