5 Tips To Help Tenants Save Money On Security Upgrades

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5 Tips To Help Tenants Save Money On Security Upgrades

There are many tasks that property managers should be doing, so it is good to pass along some opportunities for tenants to improve their home in a way that benefits the property and the residents. By empowering your renters to take some responsibility you increase the chances of them following the rules of renting. Generally, everyone likes to save money in any way they can, and it counts more when you can save money on things that really matter. This is why I wanted to give tenants some handy money saving tips they can use on security upgrades. Let’s jump right in.

  1. Think Outside The Box

Security upgrades don’t always have to be expensive. Although the adage “you get what you pay for” does apply in some instances, tenants can upgrade their security without necessarily having to break the bank. One of the best ways for tenants to save money on their security upgrades is to think outside the box.

Tenants shouldn’t feel the need to go out and buy the newest monitored home security system when they can save money by going the DIY route. They can put together their own tailor-made alarm system for about half the cost. If you would like to go even further outside the box, tenants can utilize thorny plants to safeguard their windows. Also, if you would like to increase your key control, you can always have a locksmith rekey locks rather than installing new ones. The most obvious solution isn’t always the cheapest one.

  1. Invest In Smart Home Technology

Many people see the term smart home technology and are automatically turned off because they believe that all smart devices carry a hefty price tag. However, there are some cheaper DIY smart home options that homeowners can take advantage of. The benefit in some of these devices is not only the fact that they are much cheaper, but also the fact that they have multiple features that help make your security a more compact mechanism.

For instance, a tenant could invest in an alarm system and a separate surveillance system, which would be remarkably expensive. Or they could save money during their upgrade by investing in a DIY surveillance system with remote notification capabilities. Essentially, you will end up paying less for a device that combines two security features.

  1. Be Aware Of Your Vulnerabilities

Whenever a tenant is undertaking upgrades it is important to be aware of their vulnerabilities, and to talk these over with their landlords. It is one of the key aspects of being a perfect tenant. This simple act will ensure that you are not wasting money purchasing security upgrades that you do not need. It will also help you hone in on the weak points of your apartment unit so that you can easily identify the solutions that will work for you.

Sometimes, a security upgrade does not involve buying a new gadget or tool, but simply getting rid of an old habit, and this can be done for free. Tenants should make sure that they are not leaving their spare keys in easily accessible locations. Also, tenants should strive to always have their doors and windows locked so that a burglar isn’t given easy access to your property. The simple action of taking stock of your vulnerabilities helps you improve the security that you place on them, and it does without the burden of cost.

  1. Make Small Improvements To What You Already Have

The common misconception is that upgrades always need to be big and grandiose or else you’re doing it the wrong way. This is simply not true. One of the most cost-effective ways for tenants to make upgrades is to make small, incremental improvements to some of the security measures they already have in place.

If you already have a functioning deadbolt lock installed on your exterior doors, then you don’t have to invest in a new high-security lock (unless you have a good, actionable reason to). Instead, you can make small modifications to the existing lock, which will help make it more secure for less than half the cost of buying a new lock. An example of these modifications will be to increase the length of the screws that are used to fasten your door hinges and strike plates. This measure will help safeguard against kicking attacks that burglars might employ, and will effectively help you save money on security upgrades.

  1. Layer Your Security

Last but not the least, one of the easiest ways to save money on these upgrades is to layer your security. Layering your security measures is a simple way of ensuring that there is always another layer in place in case one fails. When it comes to security upgrades, it is always important to keep your mind on layering because it can always help you find a much cheaper and effective security upgrade.

For example, if you would like to know when someone compromises your door locks, you do not necessarily have to upgrade to smart locks with remote notification capabilities. Instead, you can layer the security of your door by including door sensors (which are much cheaper) or by installing a surveillance camera near your door that will also help alert you.


Like I said, upgrading your security measures doesn’t always have to break the bank. Now, if I had to list the above tips in order of importance, I would start with the fourth one. The most important aspect of undertaking upgrades is to always know where you are the most vulnerable. From there, you just need to make the necessary changes.


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