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Consistent Building Walkthroughs and Why They are Important in Managing Your Property

At KIG Capital, our top priority is to increase the value of our properties by increasing income and controlling costs. One of many ways we achieve this is through our quarterly walkthrough inspections. While we are at our properties more regularly, to do simple site inspections, this quarterly walkthrough inspection is a bit more intensive. Furthermore, walking the property with [...]

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5 Tips To Help Tenants Save Money On Security Upgrades

There are many tasks that property managers should be doing, so it is good to pass along some opportunities for tenants to improve their home in a way that benefits the property and the residents. By empowering your renters to take some responsibility you increase the chances of them following the rules of renting. Generally, everyone likes to save money [...]

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Bed Bugs – What to Do About Them in your Los Angeles Apartment Building

Recently in one of our Korea Town apartment buildings we inspected and found Bed Bugs in one of the units. This article will attempt to illustrate the steps one must take to effectively remediate bed bugs at your rental property. Under the Civil Code, it is the landlord’s responsibility to keep the premises free from pests and rodents – even [...]

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Having a Strong Relationship with Your Resident Managers Brings Positive Results to your Rentals

One of the most important relationships we could have is the one with our onsite resident managers. When we have a great relationship with our onsite managers it makes it easier for us to know that your buildings are in great hands. They are the eyes and ears of what is happening on the ground in your buildings. When we [...]

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The Importance of “Lighting” in Your Rental Property

One of the most important but often overlooked features for a building is the lighting. It is all too often we visit properties (not ones we manage of course) whereby lighting of the building is an afterthought. Either the lights were not appropriately placed around the building or parking lots, or there is too much lighting or more often than [...]

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Strict Rent Collection Policy for Tenants Leads to Effective Management

One of the most difficult aspects of property management is establishing a structure for rent collection and not only implementing the policies but sticking to them. We have found in instances whereby you have strict policy and procedures for your tenants regarding rent collection, you are able to manage the property more effectively and increase your returns. Here is our [...]

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