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Lesser Known Tasks Your Property Manager Should be Doing For You in Los Angeles

The generally accepted understanding of the role for a property management company is to collect rents and handle tenant related issues/concerns. While this is a very simplistic view, it is a belief that is relatively accepted in terms of what a property manager does. This article will attempt to highlight a couple of other lesser known but critically important tasks [...]

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3 Difficult Issues When Managing Properties in Los Angeles

There are 3 issues that could arise when managing or owning real estate in Los Angeles that often times, owners are unable to control but must control in effort to manage a property effectively. Graffiti As an owner or manager of a property – whether a commercial property, industrial, retail or residential, graffiti on your building can seriously compromise the [...]

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Transitioning to a New Property Management Company in Los Angeles

For many Los Angeles based property owners, changing property management companies can appear overwhelming. We hear often that owners have had the same management company in place for several years but the relationship has become strained for one reason or another. The idea of changing management companies has been keeping you up at night even though you know it needs [...]

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9 Ways of Making Money Syndicating Real Estate in Los Angeles Today

The 9 Ways of Making Money by Syndicating Real Estate in Los Angeles Today The Real Estate market is cyclical. Historically, real estate rises and falls every 7 to 11 years. Every real estate cycle encompasses its own unique challenges and ways of making money. The current real estate cycle is challenged by increased property values, which inevitably decrease cash [...]

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5 Aspects of Property Management in Los Angeles

Often times, Owners ask us what is entailed in managing properties. Stated another way, what services do we provide as property managers? A simplistic response is – there are 5 Aspects to Property Management: Tenant Retention Aggressive marketing vacancies to qualified and quality tenants Controlling costs Document control Communication Tenant Retention Making sure our existing tenants stay in the property [...]

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Kid Proofing Your Los Angeles Income Property

The toddler tenant found something new to play with! … Except it’s not a toy, it’s a sharp nail sticking out of the side gate. Owning income investment property is rewarding, but it is not without its risks and potential liabilities. While as owners and property managers, we cannot totally safeguard our properties such that we can prevent every imaginable [...]

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