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Finding the right tenant for your property is one of the most important and difficult aspects of owning income properties. We believe in finding tenants that are both QUALIFIED and QUALITY.

“The 2 Qs of Leasing”

  1. Qualified: refers to an OBJECTIVE criteria that the prospective tenant either meets or does not meet (e.g. certain credit scores, monthly income minimums, no evictions and bankruptcy history)
  2. Quality: refers to a SUBJECTIVE criteria that a prospective tenant either meets or does not meet (e.g. are they likely to pay rent in full and on time, respect the quiet enjoyment of the neighbors and respect the property)

Our aggressive marketing and strict qualification process seeks tenants who will bring value to your property. We handle all aspects of vacancy marketing, negotiation, and security deposit collection and move-in inspections.

K.I.G. Capital manages all aspects of the leasing process:

  • Aggressive marketing of the vacant units
  • Fielding and initial vetting of prospective tenants
  • Showings of the unit/property
  • Application process
  • Leasing negotiations on behalf of the owner(s)
  • Conduct background checks: income & social security verifications
  • Conduct credit checks of every tenant over 18 years of age
  • Verify employment and past rental history
  • Legal Check: verify no history of liens, judgments, bankruptcies, or evictions
  • Handling of Lease execution
  • Manage move in process, including move in inspections
  • Collection of security deposits and first month’s rent
  • Deposits and full accounting of leasing monies into client Trust accounts

We admit our leasing criteria is strict.
We are discerning in our leasing approach in effort to better protect your asset.

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