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As sponsors of real estate investment projects, K.I.G. Capital Real Estate possesses a fiduciary duty/obligation to our investors. We adhere to these standards quite strictly. With that being said it has always been our philosophy when investing with our investment partners, to ensure that our investors make money prior to us making any money.

We make money with our investors, not from our investors.

Our investment process is quite easy and transparent. Once we establish that joining our investment partnership is appropriate, we recommend a particular investment vehicle that matches your overall investment goals. At that point the decision becomes yours – whether to investor or not.

K.I.G. CAPITAL REAL ESTATE and its partners handle all issues related to management of the asset to ensure the maximization of profits. We provide quarterly reports and profit distributions to the investors in proportion to your pro rata share. We continue to keep the investment group apprised of the performance of the asset throughout the course of the investment. As is the goal of every investment, we seek to provide better than market returns for our investors by adding value to the asset over time.