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Real Estate Syndication is simply a group of like-minded individuals investing in real estate together – joining monetary and intellectual capital to profit from owning real estate. K.I.G. Capital has been sponsoring partnership investments in real estate since 2004. These are single asset, private real estate investment funds providing better than traditional rates of returns not available to the common investor. With a proven track record, K.I.G. CAPITAL provides an easy and transparent way to invest in real estate alongside professional investors with a keen focus on operational property management so as to maximize profitability.

K.I.G. CAPITAL REAL ESTATE provides the following investment services:

  • Identifies and locates investment opportunities
  • Analyzes and underwrites the appropriate investment
  • Negotiates the price and terms of the property
  • Conducts thorough due diligence on the properties
  • Structures the investment and forms the legal entity
  • Facilitates all investor paperwork and trust accounts
  • Manages the partnership throughout the life of the investment
  • Facilitates financing of the property
  • Ensures effective property management
  • Adds value to asset thus maximizing profitability
  • Disburses quarterly profits to investors
  • Handles all contracts and documents in the transaction
  • Hires professionals to help facilitate the investment