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Our success comes down to many factors: knowledge of market timing, positive cash flow, focused asset classes and effective operational management.

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What We Do?

KIG Capital Real Estate provides property owners with full-service property management and leasing representation for single-family homes, multi-unit apartments, condominiums, H.O.A. complexes, and commercial/retail properties.

Our philosophy is that through sound, proactive management, K.I.G. Capital can protect the value of your property and minimize upkeep costs as well as vacancies.

K.I.G. Capital is also a real estate syndication and investment firm, offering value added investment opportunities to accredited investors. Learn more about our investment outlook and available properties.

What Our Clients are Saying


KIG Capital has manage my property for nearly a decade. It has done so with extreme care, thoughtfulness, professionalism and dedication towards maximizing profitability. I attempted to self manage our building but realized a real professional management company was needed and I turned to K.I.G. Capital through a referral of another owner that uses them. I’m very glad I did. I’m able to sleep better at night knowing my retirement plan is being managed effectively.

Arlene S., Owner

K.I.G. Capital Real Estate has leased and managed my property for several years now. When they took over it was a mess – we faced a delinquent paying tenant that trashed the property. K.I.G. Capital worked to remove the tenant, get the property rent ready and leased it to new, quality tenants and we couldn’t be more happier and pleased with the work K.I.G. Capital has done on our behalf to ensure that our retirement property is in tact.

Anna H., Owner

I put my money in numerous real property investments, and there is no doubt that my partnership with K.I.G. Capital Real Estate has proven to be one of my most successful and positive experiences. The returns I’ve received with them have been fantastic and their management services have been top-notch. I love sitting back, knowing that my real estate investment is in good hands, so choosing K.I.G. Capital to find and manage that investment was one of the smartest things I’ve done in a while.

Bruce B., Investor

K.I.G. Capital has offered me private, single asset, real estate investments, providing better than traditional rates of returns not available to the common investor. Investing alongside K.I.G. Capital has been a wise decision for me and my families’ long-term wealth building plan. We are truly grateful for being a part of their real estate investment group.

David L., Investor

KIG Capital Real Estate … they are wonderful … a breath of freshair to finally have a property management company that cares about their tenants. Not only are repair requests handled in an efficient manner but they are good at intervening to help resolve conflict … they strive to take care of the property with the utmost care on the owner’s behalf and make sure that their tenants are happy and content in their living situation. I would highly recommend renting from KI.

Hien T., Tenant

You’ve always been very flexible and fair in dealing with me; especially when things were very tough for me and my family recently. Thank you for making me feel very special while living at the property. People don’t stop and help each other anymore. So you really give me hope for the world we live in. Thank you.

Patricia T., Tenant

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